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【$750】Financial Literacy Workshop
Date: 28/03/2024 & 03/04/2024
Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (3 Hours)
Venue: ESF Kowloon Junior School (Ho Man Tin)

Age: 8-12 year olds

Your children’s financial journey begins here! Teach children the concept of money and guide them to make responsible spending and saving decisions before giving them pocket money.

This workshop comprises gamified missions, interactive videos, art & craft creations and board games, through which students will learn about key financial principles like saving, budgeting, goal-setting, and smart spending in a fun-infused learning experience. 

Students will also get their hands on the FinPod mobile app, a next-generation financial education platform, to learn and develop good money habits with you by integrating saving, budgeting, and spending decisions into their daily lives. 

Highlights & Outcomes:

  1. Save, Earn, Spend, Share - students will get a taste of financial literacy fundamentals and understanding the concepts of earning, saving, and responsible spending.
  2. Play-to-Learn - students can learn about money while going through fun, interactive and enjoyable experiences in a positive and engaging atmosphere.
  3. Tech-Infused - this workshop leverages technology and the FinPod mobile app, a next-gen financial education platform, to help students learn about managing money in a digital-native environment.
  4. Real-life Perspectives - this workshop focuses on practical aspects in financial education through daily use cases and examples, offering a chance for students to learn in real-life application scenarios.
  5. Ethics and Morals - this workshop incorporates ethical considerations, promoting a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and managing desires etc. to guide students in making shrewd financial decisions.
  6. Application Beyond the Workshop - learning extends into the daily life as students continue their access to the FinPod app, enabling them to keep building and practicing money habits after the workshop.

Students will be using mobile tablets provided by the teacher that are equipped with dummy FinPod learning accounts during the workshop.

5 minsHousekeeping - Introduce the agenda of the dayOrganize students into teams and create team namesExplain the winning criteria Provide a brief introduction of the FinPod app (To be utilized throughout the missions)
10 minsWarm-up game - Engage in a fun trivia about money using KahootFamiliarize themselves with basic use of FinPod for later missions
25 minsMission 1: The Party - Alpha, the financial expert robot, took Noah and Belle to Metaverse to celebrate Noah’s birthday. Through an interactive video, children will make decisions, juggling between competing demands, including peer pressure, working for a goal, sharing with others, spending appropriately and avoiding scammers.
15-20 minsSnack and Water Break/Playtime - Provide an opportunity for students to spend their virtual currencies earned in the FinPod tuckshop.
45 minsMission 2: The Camp - Children make buying decisions for a 3-day camp. They learnt about the concepts of needs vs wants and spending within your limits. 
10-15 minsSnack and water Break - Provide an opportunity for students to spend their virtual currencies earned in the FinPod tuckshop.
45 minsMission 3: The Quest - Students learn about saving and interest, income and spending, as well as taking risks through playing a board game.
10 minsConsolidation & Wrapping up - Students recall learning moments and share what they learnt.
5 minsAward and Certificate Presentation 
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