We’ve Rebranded!

From today onwards, ESF Sports and Language will be known as ESF Explore! 

In celebration of our 30th anniversary as an integral part of The English Schools Foundation, ESF Explore reflects our expanding educational offering with the brand positioning “Inspire and Explore: Learn. Create. Grow.”

Our rebranding is not just about changing the name! We have come to understand our constraints, thus, we listened and improved.

Life isn’t just about academics and sports! Our engaging programmes inspire students to explore new ideas, think critically, and develop a lifelong love of learning. With a widened range of courses, we hope to challenge students, spark their curiosity, and help them uncover their own unique strengths and interests.

Worried about not finding a suitable course? On top of sports and language, we offer playgroups, STEM and art courses. No matter your child’s age, you will surely be able to find the perfect programme! Reminder that applications are not restricted by school, we welcome applications from any student wishing to attend!


What do you think of our rebranding?

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Refer-a-Friend Scheme



Terms and Conditions for Refer-a-Friend Scheme

Refer-a-Friend Scheme is applicable to ESF Explore students who have registered for at least one of our programmes before and are now referring one or more friends to enrol for a regular class / holiday class (excluding single classes/workshops).

The current / former student (referrer) and each new student (referee) he / she now refers will each receive a HK$200 non-refundable credit voucher upon verification. There is no limit on how many new students one can refer – so tell all your friends about this promotion!

To obtain a credit voucher, the referee must forward the registration confirmation email that details the recent booking(s) to info@esf.org.hk with all identifiable information of the specific referrer (i.e. student name, contact number / email address of the concerned parent, etc.) before the first class.

A confirmation email will be sent to both the referrer and referee if the referral application is successful, and a HK$200 non-refundable credit voucher will be issued to both parties within 4 weeks. All valid credit vouchers can be found in your own ESF Explore account and can be applied to offset the course fee of any ESF Explore classes (including single classes).


  1. Regular Classes – Programmes that are held during an academic term (Term 1: Aug – Dec; Term 2: Jan – Mar; Term 3: Apr – Jun / AISHK Term 1: Feb – Mar; AISHK Term 2: Apr – Jun; AISHK Term 3: July – Sep; AISHK Term 4: Oct – Dec)
  2. Holiday Classes – Programmes that are held between academic terms (Autumn Camp; Winter Camp; Spring Camp; Summer Camp)
  3. Single Classes – One-off programmes such as Workshops and Trial Classes
  4. Current / Former Students (Referrers) – Individuals who already have an ESF Explore account and have enrolled and attended any ESF Explore classes (including single classes)
  5. New Students (Referees) – Individuals who do not have an ESF Explore account and have never enrolled or attended any future ESF Explore classes (including single classes)
  6. Credit Vouchers – Coupons that are non-refundable and non-transferable and are valid for 1 year from the issue date

Important points to note

  1. Having submitted a referral application would mean that both the referrer and referee have read and acknowledged the Terms & Conditions of this promotion.
  2. Providing false / misleading information will result in an unsuccessful referral application.
  3. Members of the same immediate family / household cannot refer one another.
  4. ESF Explore reserves the right to cancel any programme due to unforeseen circumstances, in which case alternative options will be provided.
  5. ESF Explore reserves the right to suspend, vary or terminate this promotion and any relevant offer and to amend the relevant terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

For inquiries on this promotion, please email info@esf.org.hk