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Last Call for Term 3 - Wrap up the last term of the year and showcase the things you've learned throughout the year!

We offer a thoughtfully curated range of programmes in sports, languages, playgroups, STEM, and the arts for ages 6 months to 17 years old.
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English Multi-Sports
Playgroup (ESF Schools) Swimming
Playgroup (Wan Chai Centre)  Football
Spanish Basketball
Drama Other Sports

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French Beginners

Ages 9 - 11 Years
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Highlights & Outcomes
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Partnered with Alliance Française, our French courses help kids to develop solid foundation of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Our mission is to awaken students interest and imagination while providing them with learning strategies to become independent French language learners.

Children will discover France and the French language through the eyes of children of their age. The vocabulary learnt will be the ones that they need - all while being entertained through different types of communication and games.

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Highlights & Outcomes

Understand simple questions and statements
Recognise numbers, dates and days of the week
Recognise familiar words/signs accompanied by pictures
Greeting and self-introduction, giving basic personal information (name, nationality, city)
Present your family
Talk about hobbies and sports
Grammar and vocabulary for beginner’s level

What you need to know...

Compulsory Book:

The curriculum is supplemented with the course book Passe Passe 1 Textbook and Exercises (HK$250), which will be used for the whole academic year (Term 1, 2 and 3). The course book can be purchased at the check out.
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ESF Explore offers various programmes suitable for all ages up to the Secondary level. We have programmes for Sports, Language, Arts, STEM and Playgroups for young ones.

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