Our English language classes are always full of fun!
ESF Language uses everything from stories and role-plays to art and debate. Our English course develops students' language skills through a wide range of activities. This may include projects, speeches, and games. Hence, this instils a love of learning.
The topic-based English programmes bring books alive! Students have the opportunity to act out their favourite stories. Additionally, they may also be involved in games related to the stories. By that, this captures the imagination of our students. Plus, they will develop the four main language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
What's more, we encourage students to express themselves in English freely. Through familiar contexts, they will be communicating entirely in English. Meaning, whatever it is they do, they must do so in English. Additionally, they get to do interesting new activities, be part of discussions, and more! On top of this, ESF offers an energetic & dynamic learning programme. We discourage sitting still on their textbooks. Instead, we incorporate games and crafts with a traditional English language course. Textbooks and a workbook only add to our programmes.

For specific skills development, we have Writing and Phonics programmes which offer more specialised lessons.
Drama & Communication
(K2 & K3, Ages 4-5 Years)
Lower Kindergarten English
(K1, Ages 3-4 Years)
Lower Primary English
(P1 & P2, Ages 6-7 Years )
Lower Secondary English
(Ages 12-15 Years)
Middle Primary English
(P3 & P4, Ages 8-9 Years)
Primary Success
(K3 & Year 1, Ages 5-6 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Kindergarten English
(Ages 3-5 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Lower Primary English
(Ages 6-8 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Upper Primary English
(Ages 9-11 Years)
Upper Kindergarten English
(K2, Ages 4-5 Years )
Upper Primary English
(P5 & P6, Ages 10-11 Years)