Little Explorers (Unaccompanied)

Ages 2 to 3 years old
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Little Explorers is the perfect class for young learners to build independence and confidence. This unaccompanied programme is dedicated to children aged 2-3 years old and is really focussed on each child's social emotional development as they explore a range of activities to build their understanding of the world around them. While promoting well-being by supporting young children to overcome separation anxiety, Little Explorers uphold ESF Explore's mission to provide fun, play-based activities.

How does the Little Explorer programme support your child's learning and development?

  • Social Development - provides an opportunity for students to interact and socialise with their peers in a structured environment that fosters social skills  

  • Independence - encourages independence among students as they learn to separate from their caregiver and engage in activities on their own 

  • Emotional Growth - unaccompanied classes support emotional development by providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can express their feelings, learn empathy, and develop self regulation skills

  • Structured Routine - introduces students to a structured routine, helping them to develop a sense of predictability and stability which can also contribute to overall emotional well being 

  • Skill Development - address developmental milestones through play based learning to grow the whole child (e.g. fine-motor, gross motor, cognitive, language, etc)

  • Parental Support - parents can observe their child’s growth and development from a distance, fostering a sense of trust in the child’s abilities while still having support and guidance from the teacher. 

Highlights & Outcomes

Develop social skills and appreciate social rituals, collective spaces and equipment
Develop executive functions such as memory, planning, focus and inhibitory control
Learn to categorise shapes, objects, sizes and colours
Express emotions through mark-making, music, movement, and dance
Explore loose parts, sensory invitations & engage in imaginative play


ESF Explore offers various programmes suitable for all ages up to the Secondary level. We have programmes for Sports, Language, Arts, STEM and Playgroups for young ones.

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