Little Movers

Little Movers

The best Multi-Dance classes to help your MOVER grow!

What is Multi-Dance?

We focus on the building blocks of all movement rather than a specific style. We believe in arming students with control and understanding of the body so they can tackle any kind of movement.

We stretch, we tackle skills and techniques to build coordination, we use fun props, we introduce dance choreography ranging from jazz to hip hop pop to Latin and we play the best games.

Dancing is the best way to prepare your child for school as they learn how to be patient, how to share, how to care and how to make friends.

Each term every student receives a certificate, a progress report AND a better understanding how to use their bodies, minds and manners.
Level 2
Level 3
Parent & Child
Little Movers - Blueberries (Accompanied)
(Ages 18 months to 2.5 Years )
Little Movers - Mangoes (Unaccompanied)
(Ages 2 to 4 Years )
Little Movers - Strawberries (Unaccompanied)
(Ages 4 to 6 Years)