30th Mar 2023
7 main benefits of Bi-lingualism in Early Years
Let’s begin with an introduction to bi-lingualism, what is it really? To put it short, it means you are capable of speaking and using two languages fluently, for example Mandarin and English. Believe it or not, bi-lingual education in early childhood comes with an assortment of benefits, so here are some main benefits of bi-lingualism in early childhood.
10th Feb 2023
Am I Too Short to Play Basketball?
Am I Too Short to Play Basketball?
5th Dec 2022
Christmas Season: Arts and Crafts Ideas for Home Deco
Ho ho ho! It is finally the time of the year to celebrate Christmas. 
29th Nov 2022
Winter Camps Preview - Sports Programmes to join this Christmas Break
Christmas break is coming up, join us this winter for a fruitful and rewarding break away from school! We have many winter camps of different types of sports and levels that will suit your needs.
26th Oct 2022
How do Extracurriculars influence my student life?
In my experience, extracurricular activities have influenced various factors of my student life positively in many ways. They helped shape me into the person I am while giving me important skills that have benefitted throughout my secondary school life.