27th Jan 2022
Year of the Tiger 2022 - Art and Craft Ideas
To mark Chinese New Year, let's look at some fun art and craft ideas that children can complete with their parents and guardians.
25th Jan 2022
The Power of Art in Education
Art is important for healthy development among children. It contributes to plenty of benefits, such as improved creativity and self-confidence.
20th Jan 2022
Could Students Benefit From Learning At Home?
While students are forced out of school due to the pandemic, learning at home could be beneficial to children, especially when considering factors such as a more flexible schedule and reduced stress.
14th Jan 2022
Why It's Better To Learn A Second Language When You're Young
Bilingualism or multilingualism improves cognitive ability by increasing functional neuroplasticity. Here, we talk about the benefits of learning a second language before your child turns 12!
11th Jan 2022
Use Of Technology In Class
With a growing technology industry and thirst for more gadgets, it can be daunting for parents to know what should and shouldn’t be used with young children.