We’ve Rebranded!

From today onwards, ESF Sports and Language will be known as ESF Explore! 

In celebration of our 30th anniversary as an integral part of The English Schools Foundation, ESF Explore reflects our expanding educational offering with the brand positioning “Inspire and Explore: Learn. Create. Grow.”

Our rebranding is not just about changing the name! We have come to understand our constraints, thus, we listened and improved.

Life isn’t just about academics and sports! Our engaging programmes inspire students to explore new ideas, think critically, and develop a lifelong love of learning. With a widened range of courses, we hope to challenge students, spark their curiosity, and help them uncover their own unique strengths and interests.

Worried about not finding a suitable course? On top of sports and language, we offer playgroups, STEM and art courses. No matter your child’s age, you will surely be able to find the perfect programme! Reminder that applications are not restricted by school, we welcome applications from any student wishing to attend!


What do you think of our rebranding?

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Tag Rugby is offered for boys and girls aged between 5 to 12 years old covering a range of all abilities.
We will teach a modified form of the game which does not involve contact and focus on teaching key fundamental skills in a safe environment.
Through the programme we will also offer an additional layer of performance level rugby training – which will include Strength & Conditioning and Workshops. This particular curriculum will tie in to the Hong Kong Rugby Union’s player development needs.
Tag Rugby - Beginner Level 1 (RB1)
(Ages 5-6 years)
Tag Rugby - Beginner Level 2 (RB2)
(Ages 7-8 years)
Tag Rugby - Improver Level 1 (RB3)
(Ages 9-10 years)
Tag Rugby - Improver Level 2 (RB4)
(Ages 11-12 years)