Teacher of the Month September 2021

29th Sep 2021
Teacher of the Month September 2021

1. Your Name

Mr. Theo (Theodor Ho Tin Yu)

2. Where do you teach?

 After School classes at ESF Beacon Hill School, ESF Kowloon Junior School, ESF Renaissance College and ESF South Island School (Summer Camp)

3. What Level of class do you teach?


4. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself OR tell us a fact about yourself that not many people know? 

I am a collector of minerals and crystals and I am interested in both their aesthetic and energy value.

5. Do you have any unusual talents?

A few of them include (window) shopping, enjoying art/ literature, trying out different cuisines and restaurants and learning new things!Some of my friends say I'm a fast learner, though I think I'm just curious. In addition, I practice meditation, chi and healing, if they count as unusual or talents or both.

6. Why do you enjoy teaching at ESF Language & Learning?

Teaching at ESF has been immensely enjoyable for a plethora of reasons, with the major ones being the presence of established teacher autonomy, accountability, cooperation and community. Teaching at ESF Language & Learning for more than 2 years has continuously provided me with the invaluable opportunities to grow and serve as a professional teacher in a successful education organization that celebrates creativity, diversity and quality education. It has also been a wonderful experience to see children grow and develop both personally and academically over the years. 

7. Share a funny story that has happened in your classroom or at school.

My name, Theodor, isn't particularly easy to remember or pronounce for some, and therefore, I appreciate the nicknames that my colleagues and students give me. The usual ones are, Teo (from Teodoro in Spanish), Theo, and Ted (as in Teddie, thanks to my build).

However, over the years of teaching creative young children, I have also come across some unusual ones. One of the most memorable ones is Mr. Taco. With children already having exercised their amazing creativity in drawing connections between Teddie, the plush toy and the bear, our classroom started to echo with the names of food every now and then, especially when that student insisted on calling me Mr. Taco.

Nicknames are sometimes given a bad reputation. Nonetheless, with good guidance and support, positive or cute nicknames can add an air of fun and excitement to the classroom.