Basketball - Advanced Level 1 (BB5)

Ages 13-14 years
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Highlights & Outcomes


In this programme, students will refine the consistency of technical skills, adapt or vary the specific skills under pressure, and apply them to basketball game situations. They will learn to plan and compose strategies consistently and effectively such as give and go or pick and roll, and successfully adapt tactics used in the game. Students will learn the importance of determination and perseverance, and adopt critical thinking and analysis of the team, ultimately developing higher-level knowledge and understanding of how to improve their performances.
Learning Mode Options:
Face to Face

Highlights & Outcomes

Combine basketball-specific technical skills to self-manage team organisation
Refine higher-level technical skills consistently and effectively, and transfer them to basketball games
Learn planning, critical thinking, and analytical skills
Advance knowledge and application of basketball tactics and strategies
Further develop learning of basketball skills such as boxing out or inbound plays

What you need to know...

Compulsory Equipment: Size 6 Basketball


"My daughter has attended ESF Tigers Basketball since 2017. She really enjoys much the class and I also like to see her learning skills/playing games during the class. I believe the class is not only fun and enjoyable but also it has given a lot of different kinds of challenge to my kids so they could have self-motivation to improve their basketball skills. Now they are very keen to learn more and further!"
- Parent, West Island School
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