Spanish Intensive Improvers - 2 or more years of experience

Ages 8-12 Years
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Highlights & Outcomes


Spanish Intensive Improver is designed for students who have some knowledge of Spanish and are looking to develop their communication skills. Students must have basic reading and writing skills in their first language to join this programme. This is where the curriculum becomes much more tailored for the needs and levels within each individual class. There will be more literature-based work which will consolidate the different language structures being developed but this will also provide a fun platform for more creative learning such as art, drama and much more. Through interactive activities and games, students will develop their communication skills, both in oral and written form. Students will learn about the culture, read a variety of texts, and use grammatical structures to communicate effectively within meaningful and everyday contexts.
Learning Mode Options:
Face to Face

Highlights & Outcomes

Increased group interactions to encourage peer collaboration and conversation
Learn advanced grammatical structures and language patterns
Build speaking confidence and give mini-presentations in Spanish
Explore Hispanic culture through authentic texts and native teachers
Develop Spanish language & literacy skills
Focus on pronounciation and intonation, and use fiction and non-fiction Spanish texts to develop writing skills

What you need to know...

Compulsory Book:

The curriculum is supplemented with a course book (HK$250), which will be used for the whole academic year (Term 1, 2 and 3). The course book can be purchased at the check out.
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