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Video Game Design With Phaser

Ages 12+ Years
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Highlights & Outcomes


Start programming games like a professional with this course. Using the popular desktop and mobile gaming framework, PhaserJS, students will learn how to create a platformer game, a side-scroller game and mini-games.

Engaging their creativity and design thinking skills, they will create, customize and enhance their games by adding their own set of characters, environments, gravity and world physics.

Using Design Thinking methodology, students will gather feedback from classmates and iterate to improve their games.

Learning Mode Options:

Highlights & Outcomes

Explore JavaScript-based video game development and play-test example games to understand best approaches for 2D game design.
Learn Platformer and side-scroller game design with Phaser and gain real-world game development skills. Learn advanced JavaScript concepts by programming game physics and multiple game levels.
Create a side-scroller 2D game that contains custom characters, backgrounds, levels and more. Once the game is completed, it can be shared online with friends.
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ESF Explore offers various programmes suitable for all ages up to the Secondary level. Other than STEM courses, we have programmes for Arts, Sports, Language, and Playgroups for young ones.

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