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We offer a thoughtfully curated range of programmes in sports, languages, playgroups, STEM, and the arts for ages 6 months to 17 years old.
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English Multi-Sports
Playgroup (ESF Schools) Swimming
Playgroup (Wan Chai Centre)  Football
Spanish Basketball
Drama Other Sports

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Krav Maga - Improver (KM2)

Ages 6-9 years
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Highlights & Outcomes


IKMF Krav Maga empowers children between the ages of 5-9 by teaching them self-defense techniques that allow them to defend themselves in various situations. Following our motto of "so that one can be a better person," IKMF is dedicated to developing students' self-discipline, respect for others, and confidence in facing adverse situations in life.

Highlights & Outcomes

A continuation of the introductory class (KM1) covering the first 3 levels of the 10-level structured syllabus spanning across 3 school terms
Learn more advanced self-defense skills and principles for dealing with more dangerous situations, such as threat recognition, weapons, third-party protection, abduction, etc.
Use drills, games and scenario-based training to help students learning in a fun, energetic and structured manner
Further develop gross motor skills, decision-making, cooperation, self-control, etc.
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ESF Explore offers various programmes suitable for all ages up to the Secondary level. Other than sporting courses and language studies, we have programmes for Arts, STEM, and Playgroups for young ones.

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